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Champ party in Liverpool

March 16, 2012
A spot of Samba dancing

A spot of Samba dancing

Demonstrating a heady mix of creativity and fresh thinking consistently shown throughout the last few months, what event could demand such an opener but Go ON it’s Liverpool?  And, as Martha said, “where else would you have a party that started with a Samba dance?”

Already since October, 20,000 extra people in Liverpool have got online, and Tuesday’s gathering celebrated the extraordinary passion and determination of all those who’ve helped make the campaign such a success.

Digital champ Pearl receiving her award

Digital champ Pearl receiving her award

Learning new skills can often seem scary, but while opportunities for more formal training have always been on offer at UK online centres and Libraries, digital champs have tapped local networks and used the knowledge of local people and places.  With a genuine passion to make things better, they’ve cropped up everywhere from taxis to car parks, police stations to pubs.  It’s clearly a winning combination and this is just the beginning.

With special awards to stand out champs and organisations, speeches from James Cordon, aka UK online centres’ Kevin McLean, Kevin Seller from Post Office, Councillors Gary Millar and Nick Small, and not forgetting Martha of course, the big announcement of the evening came from Big Lottery Fund’s Peter Wanless.  Part of its commitment to People Powered Change, BIG is investing in Liverpool with grants of £300 – £10,000 up for grabs to train champs and create community IT hubs.  The investment is a brilliant demonstration of the campaign’s success so far, and it’s just the beginning.

You gorra love Liverpool!

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